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All in One

You have mono platform
that has all features

Focus your business

we have packaged everything for you


If you have many things
and can not decide what to do,
we can adopt to your system.


An all-in-one, secure payment processing platform built for innovation and used across multiple companies.
Easy sign up for new merchants
Easily sign up merchants through our simple, secure KYC process.
All in one payment choice
Allow acceptance of alternative payment methods, e-money and credit/debit through one service.
Proven solution
Our payment processing solution has been stress-tested by some of the largest online shopping in their markets processing 100’s of millions of transactions since inception.
Unearth a holistic view of your payments data, make better decisions and derive intelligent insights from a single source of truth.
Global payments and multi currency
Transactions without borders, payment processing platform supports transactions and settlement in 15 currencies
Seamless user experience
Set the new standard in payment experiences and make both merchants and consumers feel at home.


You can establish seamless acceptance of the leading and emerging e-money, wallet, and stored value services in your market, be they QR, NFC or card-based

Omnichannel e-money wallet processing
Real-time secure alternative payments processing, aggregation and settlement.
Integrating e-money leaders
We integrate e-money leaders with our platforms across global markets, supporting their need for widespread acceptance.
Across industries
We provide our processing platforms and services to banks, retail and FMCG groups, mobile operators, payments and digital service providers.

CRM for Fintech

Capture leads and start managing them immediately

Have complete visibility in handling leads and clients

Determine contact location and engage them

Managing tasks and activities efficiently

Manage contact database with unified data for superior customer service

Track deals and leads through the entire sales cycle

Leverage lead scores for higher conversions by optimizing time and efforts

Ascertain estimated deal value and the probability of sale

Make accurate forecasts regarding deal closures and lead conversions

Capable reporting tools which can assess how close you are to your goals

Management data reporting tools to gather valuable insights